Our Story

Mission Statement

Just ‘Cause Cakes seeks to spread kindness one cupcake at a time. Our emphasis is taste, quality, and giving back to our community through our companion charity “Just Be Kind”.

About Us

Just ‘Cause Cakes, a locally owned and operated family business, was founded by Susan Radosevich in January 2020. The name has a dual meaning. First, we promote fun! Cake or cupcakes are good anytime… not just for special occasions. In other words “Just ‘Cause”. Second, and perhaps more importantly, Susan envisioned a company that she could use as a vehicle to give back and help people - a “Just Cause”. Just ‘Cause Cakes fulfills these values through charitable giving, environmental stewardship, and as the business grows, employment opportunity for the community.


To provide great tasting cakes and cupcakes for any occasion... Kind to people, animals and the planet.